Our Goal

Work closely with likeminded sponsors and partners to give value to both the team and the partners.

Work to build these relationships as the team trains, competes and builds its brand.


Potential team members have been chosen from riders with a proven competitive track record and that show values critical to the team’s goal of being role models to younger riders.

Several of the team’s riders have been identified by Cycling NZ as potential future stars in the sport who could go on to become World, Commonwealth or Olympic champions.

With an ever increasing focus on equality with women in sport and with the attitudes towards women changing in the UCI we see Women’s cycling as an untapped marketing potential for partners. Early adopters will reap the benefits as the media focus more on women in sport.

As part of rider education we will provide our riders with education on how best to provide real and tangible value to their sponsors.

We will be actively marketing the team and the sponsors / partners using team kit, print media, social media, web site and award ceremonies.

We are committed to providing a tangible return to our partners and identifying ways we can connect with each of our partner’s client bases and target audiences.

2017 Season

Our principal sponsors and key product and service partners have been signed up for the 2017 season ending in December 2016.  We are very lucky to have such a great team on board for our first season and thank our sponsors for believing in our vision and mission.  Obviously if you believe that you may have something to offer Mike Greer Homes Womens Cycling and are complimentary to our existing Sponsors and Partners please feel free to contact us.

We welcome on board the following sponsors and partners for this season:

Naming Rights Sponsor: Mike Greer Homes

Principal Sponsors: Mike Greer Homes and Specialized

Co Sponsors: Red Stag Timber and Sandfield Information Systems

Product and Service Partners: Pure Sports Nutrition, Tineli, Oakley and ESP


Sponsorship Structure

Principal and co-sponsors to help cover the following costs:

  • Team Kit
  • Entry Fees
  • Travel
  • Accomodation

We will also be looking for partners to provide help with the following services/products:

  • Media
  • Team Vehicle
  • Equipment / spares
  • Team Mechanic
  • Nutrition
  • Camps and Education

Naming Rights Sponsor 

Partner with naming rights for the team, prominent naming and logo on team kit, web site, facebook page and media communications.

Principal Sponsors

Partners with prominent display on all team kit, web site, facebook page and media communications.


Partners who will be included on all team kit, web site, facebook page and media communications.

Product / Service Partners

Partners providing products / services to the team at no cost or a discounted amount.

Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsor’s logo on team clothing
Print and online media coverage
Association with athletes with proven success
Association with a truly exciting and accessible sports team
Use of team and its riders for PR and ad hoc marketing initiatives
First to market with the growing worldwide women’s sport movement